Mum & kids bake, Dad creates! 21 years of cakemaking teamwork for our 6 little (and not-so-little) darlings has meant we have sired around 90 cute and/or creepy kids-cakes! Thought we'd share a few of the pix and memories...

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


A horse for Esther...


A yummy little hedgehog for Esther's birthday...

Monday, 2 November 2009

Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy for Esther's 11th birthday.

Flower pot

Mum was in hospital (with baby Abbie arriving two days later!) on Esther's 9th birthday.
This cake is amazing. The flowers and leaves are made of icing!

Teddy bear

An ice-cream teddy-bear for Esther's 4th birthday.


The coolest cake ever... a giant weta for Caleb! The only inedible parts are the antenna (chocolate coated wire).


'Caleb' means 'bold'... like a lion.


A ladybug for young Caleb...


This Hobbes cake (from Calvin & Hobbes comic books) is almost as big as Caleb was when he turned 7!


Caleb asked for a surprise cake for his 9th birthday. Little did he expect a green elephant...


A raging volcano for Caleb's 6th birthday.


Yup, Abbie loves cats. Here's another kitty for her, playing with a ball of wool!


A duck for Abbie's birthday... The beak fell off during the night and Dad had to quickly shove it back on with skewers before Abbie saw it!


Not quire sure whose this cake is... will have to go back to the photo albums to sort that one out! :s

Sunday, 1 November 2009


A three-eyed monster for Joel's 7th birthday... Mum's personal favourite cake.


A fantasy bug for Lydia and Joel's 9th birthday.

King Julien

Lydia's 10th birthday: King Julien (from 'Madagascar 2').


Caleb gleefully stabs the giant spider on his 8th birthday!


Lydia's 7th birthday... Pizza for a sweet-tooth!

Hatching budgie

Abbie received a baby budgie for her 11th birthday... so, naturally, a hatching budgie cake.


A weird beetle for Abbie's 11th.

Caleb, Abbey T, Abbie, Lydia, Joel, Esther.

Big lips

A juicy-lipped fish-creature-thingy for Abbie's 10th birthday.

Possum (Abbie's kitten)

Abbie's 8th birthday. Her kitten, Possum, frequently sprawled himself in this slightly obscene but very relaxed flopsy fashion!